We are 4 farmers {2 couples} growing 1.5 acres of vegetables, cut flowers and culinary herbs



Christa and Todd met in August 2015 at a square dance at Bells Bend Farm. It was by no accident of course. Justin and Sarah-Anne were the matchmakers in this love story. Soon after meeting, Todd and Christa decided to start their own farm with a goal of opening in 2017. Justin announced in the fall of 2016 that he and Sarah-Anne would like to be a part, which was the best news. After spending the bulk of 2016 working city jobs to save money, Christa and Todd realized that they could potentially buy property. The idea of Justin and Sarah-Anne being made legal business partners in the venture, made the scary idea of buying land more feasible. The first property they went to look at seemed serendipitous. We have the privilege of growing vegetables in fields that were under intensive paddock pasture rotations for 13 years with native perennial and annual grasses being converted into goat manure.

Dear Todd...Sweeter Days are Coming.
— Letter received at Ranger School

Todd Bentley

I have my mom to thank for sparking my interest in healthy food at a young age. My Dad was the one who took me outdoors and taught me to love nature through a lens of tenderness and insight. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Forest Resources in 2009. A few years later while on deployment to southern Afghanistan as an Army combat medic with the 25th Infantry Division, I realized that I needed a new profession...one that might restore peace in my heart. I decided to start farming because I wanted to be a better person. I finally had my chance in 2014 where I spent the season working at Rosie Creek Farm in Fairbanks, Alaska. 2015 brought me to Tennessee where I farmed at Bloomsbury Farm and later Bells Bend Farm. It has been my passion for years to start a farm where I could work in peace and nurture a positive relationship with myself, my loved ones, the local community and the land. Meeting Christa made that dream a reality. We are so excited to finally share our farming dream together.  


justin maynard

Wannabee filmmaker to bicycle mechanic to farmer. My path through life has been winding. I have spent the last 3 years working on medium scale certified organic vegetable farms. After learning more about natural farming methods and understanding soil biology and fungal activity I am running away from traditional plowing and tillage. My goal is to provide fresh, healthy, nutrient dense produce free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in the most sustainable way possible for our family, friends, and neighbors.


Christa Bentley

A Nashville native, I am so grateful to be back in my hometown again. I spent my years away from Tennessee studying sustainable agriculture, living on a raw goat dairy in California, a permaculture retreat in Oregon, and participating in several long term internship/apprenticeship programs. It was on these farms that I fell in love with food, inspired by big farm dinners and the experience of nursing seeds from deep hibernation to vibrant life. I love good biscuits, my mama, sunflowers, and my job at The Nashville Food Project, cooking and feeding good food for our community.  I spend my weekends helping out on the farm and especially love working on our perennial herb gardens, outdoor kitchen, flower gardens, and cooking the hungry farmers a hearty meal at the end of the day. 


Sarah-anne murphy

I was born and raised in Tupelo, Mississippi, living most of my life outside. My great grandmother always kept a garden and my mother was an avid flower gardener. Despite their deep love of growing, I was never drawn to it or ever saw myself farming. Nevertheless, here I am, happy alongside my husband Justin. We live in a solar powered tiny house with our dog Sally and cat Stella. I work as a letterpress printer and designer at Hatch Show Print in downtown Nashville. Anything and everything graphic design, web, and print related, I handle. 




?/2007 - 1/1/2018

I am a three-legged Husky/Sheppard/Wolf hybrid. Todd adopted me in 2014. I think I was 7 years old at the time. I got caught in a trap in Alaska when I was 2 and had my front right leg amputated. I haven't let that slow me down much. My job on the farm is chasing squirrels, rolling around on any dead animals I can find and reminding my human friends that I require treats...frequently. I wish I had been born with thumbs. I am trying to learn to speak human so I can make my early morning demands more clearly understood. Todd says that he loves me like his best bud and will be an absolute train wreck when I pass away...but he's a big wuss. I think I like Christa better than him anyway...she supplies more treats! Gotta go...just saw a SQUIRREL!  



I am a rescued Dalmatian mix who enjoys naps, annoying Stella, and chewing on deer antlers. Justin and Sarah-Anne are my loyal humans and adopted me from the humane society when I was 4 months old. I am a bit spoiled and feel entitled to sleep on anybody's couch, chair or bed. Portis is my boyfriend and we usually hang out during the day. I was a city girl but am adapting and loving life on the farm.